About us

We study the neuroscience of memory and decision making.

We are a team of scientists dedicated to understanding the neural computations underlying intelligent, goal-directed behavior. A major focus of our lab is to understand how our memory systems construct internal models of the world, and how we simulate future scenarios when making a decision.

Our approach combines theory development and experimentation:

While our primary goal with this research is to understand healthy cognition, we are also interested in connections to artificial intelligence and to computational psychiatry.

The laboratory is directed by Dr. Marcelo Mattar and is located in the Department of Psychology Meyer Building (6 Washington Place, between Mercer and Broadway) at New York University

We were previously located in the Department of Cognitive Science at UC San Diego, where several of our lab members continue their graduate studies. 

Our team

Understanding the brain and mind is an multidisciplinary endeavor; our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds and interests in cognitive science, neuroscience, psychology, computer science, and engineering.

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Meyer Hall
6 Washington Place
​8th Floor, Room 863
New York, NY 10003